GALAXY Launches the GeForce GTX 670 and GTX 670 GC!

Hassan Mujtaba

Galaxy Microsystems, a leading manufacturer of high-performance NVIDIA graphics cards, announced today the GeForce GTX 670 and GTX 670 GC- the latest in the widely acclaimed Galaxy GTX 600 series graphics card line.

The Galaxy GTX 670 is custom fitted with the Galaxy exclusive Force Air Bracket for improved airflow and better cooling.  The 1344 core GTX 670 GPU lies at the heart of both cards which include support for cutting edge features such as GPU Boost, a revolutionary technology that automatically increases GPU clock speeds to maximize performance and efficiency for each individual game and application.  Adaptive Vsync technology provides the smoothest gaming experience possible by automatically adjusting refresh rates in real time.  Up to 4 displays can be simultaneously connected across the card’s flexible assortment of outputs and, as you would expect from the latest performance Galaxy graphics cards, the GTX 670 and GTX 670 GC fully support 3D Vision, PhysX, and DirectX 11.

Galaxy has once again taken every opportunity to enhance performance in the specially engineered redesign of the GTX 670 GC, which features the same high-end custom PCB and dual-fan cooler found in the Galaxy GTX 680 GC.  The latest advances in PCB design make possible a factory overclock to over 1 GHz, and the high efficiency cooler keeps the card running at low temps with whisper-quiet operation.

The Galaxy GTX 670 and GTX 670 GC are available now at leading retailers and etailers:  Amazon, Best Buy, Fry’s, Micro Center, NCIX, Newegg, and TigerDirect.

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