First Galaxy Fold Batch Sells out – Samsung States It Underestimated Demand for Its $2000 Smartphone

Galaxy Fold

With premium smartphones costing upwards of $1000, Samsung has taken it to another plateau with the release of the Galaxy Fold, as it costs a whopping $1980. The price tag obviously meant that the device would be marketed as a luxury item, but even for something that costs nearly twice the price of an iPhone XS, the Galaxy Fold seems to be doing well in terms of sales. Apparently, Samsung’s first foldable handset sold out, with the Korean giant stating that it didn’t anticipate customers would be racing to pick it up.

Samsung Has Not Provided Numbers on How Many Pre-Orders It Has Counted for the Galaxy Fold

Samsung’s online store lists the Galaxy Fold as out of stock for the moment, and the waitlist the company previously opened has now disappeared. Droid-Life has pointed out that an email was sent to customers, stating that stock has been depleted, with a message provided in the image given below. AT&T, one of the carriers that will sell the Galaxy Fold, is still taking pre-orders for the foldable handset, but you’ll have to wait for the device to reach your doorstep.

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That is because shipping dates have slipped all the way to early June, when initially, the estimated shipping date was April 25. However, before all of us start appreciating the time and effort Samsung invested in materializing the Galaxy Fold, the company hasn’t told us how many pre-orders were listed. It is possible the Korean giant stocked a small number of units, but underestimated that lots of customers would be willing to fork over nearly $2000 for the device.

Naturally, we look forward to what the Galaxy Fold’s successor will bring to the table, as there is significant room for improvement. Also, with time, we expect the price of foldable handsets to come down as the technology matures. Earlier reports did state that Samsung will produce a limited number of Galaxy Fold units to gauge the market so we’ll find out in a few months how well the company’s gamble paid off.

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News Source: DroidLife

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