Samsung Buds Sound Could Be the Next True Wireless Buds from Samsung

It has only been 2 months since the Galaxy Buds Live went official and they are honestly doing better than I had initially expected. The expectations were low mainly because they were shaped oddly to a point that we had never seen anything like them before. However, they were great because they offered gorgeous looking colours and active noise cancellation. However, the recent tip suggests that Samsung might be working on releasing Samsung Buds Sound fairly soon.

The Samsung Buds Sound are likely in the pre-production stages at the moment and you should not worry if you have recently purchased the Galaxy Buds Live or even the Galaxy Buds Plus.

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Trademark Application Reveals That Samsung Buds Sound Are The Next True Wireless Earbuds by Samsung

Samsung has filed a trademark application with the UK Intellectual Property Office and according to that application, the Samsung Buds Sound is what Samsung is working on. However, I have a reason to believe that the name could either be a placeholder or Samsung is trying to release something that will be oriented more towards a better sound.

You also have to understand that at the moment, it is just a trademark application, which means that it is nothing more than that. Samsung simply filed it to so the company can secure the Samsung Buds Sound moniker. Which means that we have no other information or indication as to what Samsung is planning.

Since the application is filed under Class 9 of goods, it covers a long list of stuff ranging from VR headsets, TVs, printers, and wireless headphones. Which means that Samsung could be using the Samsung Buds Sound moniker for pretty much anything that it might be planning to release in the future. At the same time, we cannot be sure if the trademark has anything to with Samsung releasing the Sound Buds at all.

After a lot of thought, I have recently got my hands on the Galaxy Buds Plus and I am surprised about how good they sound. I was expecting a mediocre sound quality but they deliver on every front and actually don't cost a lot of money, either. The Galaxy Buds Live are also great, so I am looking forward to what Samsung has to do with Samsung Buds Sound. Hopefully, they'll combine the fit and finish of the Galaxy Buds Plus and ANC of the Galaxy Buds Live.

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