GALAX Readies DDR5-8000 HOF Memory & HOF PCIe Gen5 NVMe SSDs For CES Unveil

Jason R. Wilson
GALAX Readies DDR5-8000 HOF Memory & HOF PCIe Gen5 NVMe SSDs For CES Unveil 1

GALAX is preparing to launch brand new HOF products at CES 2023 which will include its next-gen DDR5 memory & PCIe Gen 5.0 SSDs.  From machine translation, it promises heavy performance, and the image offers a sneak peek at the RGBs on the module. It is expected to launch on Friday, right before Christmas.

GALAX Teases Next-Gen HOF Products Including DDR5-8000 Memory & PCIe Gen 5.0 NVMe SSD

The new HOF memory module is a change from the previous GALAX designs. IT Home notes that the HOF logo is outlined by part of the RGB on the module, which confirms that the memory will be part of a higher-performing set. The anticipated speed of the new memory module from GALAX is expected to feature DDR5 speeds of up to 8000 Mbps which will make it one of the fastest DRAM modules on the planet for enthusiast PCs.

Image source: GALAX via IT Home.

GALAX is also releasing its new HOF PCIe 5.0 SSD that includes a central fan to dissipate heat more adequately. The new SSD will also be part of the HOF family and will have a read speed of 12 GB/s. Both products will be at next year's CES 2023, but it will be exciting to see these on Friday when both launch.

GALAX is not the only company to release or soon to release DDR5-8000 memory modules. NETAC, G.Skill, TeamGroup, and Zhiqi, have all hinted at or revealed new memory modules for next-gen PCs. Currently, overclocking enthusiasts are seeing great use in pushing systems to their limits with more unique DDR5-8000 memory kits. The demand for increased memory speeds is needed, with processors and graphics cards requiring more memory speeds to deliver high-performance levels, whether workloads or next-level graphics.

Image source: GALAX via IT Home.

Maintaining temperatures on newer DDR5-8000 memory modules has required leaps in finding just the right combination of cooling techniques. Larger heatsinks are more present on the DDR5-8000 modules we have seen so far, and by the looks of the teaser for GALAX's new memory, the same seems to follow their design.

CES 2023 will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the number of exhibitors has reached 2,400 (an increase from last week), and over 100,000 attendees are anticipated to walk the floor. Several companies will participate in "Media Days" (January 3-4, 2023), where many presentations will be held online and in person. On January 5 & 6, 2023, attendees will be able to meet with several representatives, witnessing products to be released in the year and into the future.

News Source: IT Home

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