Future Galaxy A Phones Will Ship with Exynos Chipsets and AMD’s mRDNA Graphics

Furqan Shahid
Future Galaxy A Phones Will Ship with Exynos Chipsets and AMD's mRDNA Graphics

[UPDATE] The source shared some performance numbers as well. They are claiming that the results are test figures after 3rd round of the graphic throttling tests. The numbers are following.

  • Manhattan 3.1: 127.5 FPS
  • Aztec Normal: 90.7 FPS
  • Aztec High: 39.65 FPS

At the moment 30% or more throttling is not a problem and since Exynos 2100 cannot really go beyond 30 frames per second in Aztec High, users will be able to notice a good performance boost.

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[ORIGINAL STORY] We are already aware that the future Galaxy flagship phones from the S series will launch with AMD's GPU. Mobile users worldwide are hyped over the announcement because this could take mobile gaming and productivity to a whole new level. Still, according to a recent tip, this Exynos x AMD collaboration might not only be limited to the S series and could also come to the future Galaxy A phones as well.

Galaxy A Series Phones Could Potentially Rule the Mid-Range Market

Based on the tip, Samsung will couple a mid-range Exynos chipset with mRDNA graphics from AMD. But this is not going to be the same as the flagship chips. The source claims that the mid-range chips will be using a 2CU config, whereas the flagship chips will comprise a 4CU chip. They have also talked about how the clock is around 1GHz in testing.

The source also claims that since the Cortex A-78 is being used instead of the X line, the performance throttling is only around 10%, and even with the 2CU mid-range configuration, you see a good performance boost, as well. Additionally, it is also being said that the 4CU version will be delivered to two Chinese companies, and last, but not least, the report claims that the A-series will be equipped with these chips.

Yesterday, we reported how Samsung plans to bring optical image stabilization to more phones from the A-series. Now we hear that future Galaxy A phones could ship with Exynos chips powered by RDNA graphics. This could give Samsung a massive edge over the competition in the mid-range department, but we are not sure if this will raise the price for these phones.

The Galaxy A series is already one of the most popular smartphones that you can buy when it comes to mid-range phones, and you are now looking at these phones becoming even better.

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