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Full Stack JavaScript Development with MEAN (free eBook - $30 value)

With modern tools, it is possible to create production-grade applications using only JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The combination of MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js, all JavaScript technologies, has become so popular that it’s been dubbed the MEAN stack. This book will explore the MEAN stack in detail.

We will begin by covering Node.js, as it will lay the groundwork for all of our server-side work. You will learn how to get Node running on your local machine as well as download modules using npm. The key aspects of the Node.js programming model will also be covered.

From there, we will move on to MongoDB, where you'll learn how to interact with Mongo from a Node application. You will also learn how to create, retrieve, update, and delete data from a Mongo store.

After you have a solid grasp on Node and Mongo, the book will move on to the Express web server. We'll cover the basics of Express applications via topics like routes and middleware. Building on previous chapters, we will cover the integration of Node, Mongo, and Express.

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