Full Features Of iTunes 11 For Windows And Mac Finally Unveiled


Today must have been a really busy day for Apple. Not only did they announce three new products, they also made a host of software related announcements as well. One of these announcements included the much awaited iTunes 11 for Windows and Mac. Finally this major iTunes upgrade has been unveiled and Apple has done some pretty nice work. Lets go ahead and see what Apple has in store for us with regards to the new major iTunes update.

Needless to say iTunes 11 comes with support for iOS 6 as well as all new devices that Apple announced today. What I am really looking forward to is the user interface changes that Apple has made in iTunes 11. There's a new edge-to-edge interface which looks really nice, sleek and sophisticated. It also draws in your gaze towards the content in between, which effectively takes up the whole screen. The new user interface has an iPad-esque vibe, and that's not a bad thing. It looks really nice.

Browsing through your music is just the same as it was in previous iTunes versions. Apple hasn't overly complicated this procedure and it retains its simplicity. Click on an album cover and a drop down list reveals all tracks of that particular album. Users can browse for music through artists, genres and albums. The artists also get to share images with users, which is something a lot of music fans are excited about. The new split screen view lets you multitasking within iTunes 11, allowing you to accomplish trivial tasks such as making playlists without interrupting music playback.

Something truly amazing about iTunes 11 is the new mini player. When this mode is activated the entire iTunes is minimized to a mini player, duh, which displays what song is currently playing and name of the artist. Windows Media Player has always had this feature, nice to see iTunes catching up finally.

Apple has not given a confirmed date on which iTunes 11 will be released. The company says that iTunes 11 for Windows and Mac will be available in October. That's not too far off now.