FSP Has Announced The Flex ATX 500-Watt NUC PowerSupply

Source: FSP

The traditionally more massive and larger PC towers for home offices are being phased out over time. Instead, most home offices are making use of small NUCs (Next Unit of Computing). Intel and AMD both have released NUCs that features their higher-end processors. NUCs still need to have a power supply installed into the small chassis. FSP has announced the Flex ATX 500-watt 80 PLUS Platinum NUC Power supply, a power supply that is designed to fit inside the smaller NUC chassis.

FSP has created the ATX 500-watt 80 PLUS Platinum NUC Power supply has been designed explicitly with Intel's NUC or Next Unit of Computing, devices in mind

The FSP ATX 500-watt 80 PLUS, Platinum NUC Power supply, has been customized to fit in the smaller NUC chassis. For FSP to be able to customize the power supply, FSP had to design this power supply with excellent heat dissipation as well as making this power supply create very little noise. This NUC power supply was created with Intel's NUC in mind, and this power supply features high wattage and high efficiency. This power supply has only produces 40 dB while outputting at full load.

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Source: FSP

One of the most significant features of this 500-watt fully digital power supply is that users can easily monitor or adjust the output/input, output/input current, total output power, and fan speed of the power supply through the control supplies PMBus firmware program. This firmware allows the users to fine-tune the protection configurations of the power.

This includes changing the activation point of the overvoltage protection (OVP) and overcurrent protection (OCP). This power supply features three sets of outputs, which allows this power supply to be able to meet the needs of high-end gaming equipment or workstation users.

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