Fring vs Skype

In one of the recent most spewing battles online, Fring and Skype have gone down into an all out blog-post war against each other. This battle started after a statement came confirming that Skype functionality was missing from Fring's iPhone 4 application.

Fring said that Skype had blocked access of Fring to Skype API and had threatened to sue, while in retaliation Skype responds by saying that "over time, Fring's misuse of our software was increasingly damaging our brand and reputation with our customers". And in response to this statement Fring called Skype team "cowards" and alleged them of anti-competitive behavior.

The catch however is, that Skype users do not support Skype on this move as Skype has not released any app for the new iPhone 4 which allows for a two-way video conference. So, since Fring is one of the best options and maybe the only option available to Skype users on the Android, they tend to use it and would not like it if their service was tampered with.

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