Four Galaxy Note 3 Variants!

Rafia Shaikh

In the past few weeks, Galaxy Note 3 rumors have been swirling and firming up - rightly so. We have been hearing a lot about the Note 3 coming in two variants: differing by RAM and LTE, no LTE. The recent development in this particular rumor has come from the Korean media which is reporting that Galaxy Note 3 will be available in 4 different models for consumers to choose from. ETNews, the Korean website, has announced that Samsung will be releasing 4 variants of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, with pretty minor differences.

As coming from the news, it seems like the highest rated Note 3 will be produced with rather more valuable materials and will carry of a 13 megapixels camera and an unbreakable AMOLED Samsung's display. This specific variant is the so called Limited Edition Galaxy Note 3.

Coming to the second of the four Galaxy Note 3 variants, it looks like it would only be different from the limited edition one in terms of its display - the display would be again AMOLED, but a regular one, not the unbreakable.

The third model of this Android smartphone will be different in terms of its display, an LCD. And the last version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be different in display and camera. It would feature an 8 megapixel camera.

Looking at these petty differences and Samsung's decision to come up with four variants, we are rather flabbergasted. Instead of coming up with one unique Galaxy Note 3 showcasing some greater differences, the company has decided to launch four versions, which are almost similar.

The reasons behind this approach could be aplenty but all are only speculations at this stage. Samsung might have decided to launch four variants with different price tags in an attempt to reach bigger market with Galaxy Note 3. Or in another case, it could be the old problem of Samsung: the components' availability. Samsung might not be able to produce a big amount of AMOLED displays and instead of running short on assembling the very popular and quite awaited device, they had this idea to come up with different variants. Easy pricing, different options, both sides happy? Works.

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