Fortnite Nintendo Switch Patch 16.10 Analysis Video Highlights Texture Changes, Improved Draw Distance and More


The latest Fortnite patch on Nintendo Switch introduced a variety of changes that improve the experience considerably.

The changes introduced by patch 16.10, which include a resolution increase and changes to textures, have been highlighted by a new analysis video shared online by ElAnalistaDeBits.

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- Fortnite has received a patch on Switch that improves overall performance over the previous version. The changes compared to the release version get even more interesting.

- Resolution has been increased in dock mode from 1390x780p to 1560x880p. In portable mode the resolution has changed from 1000x560p to 1170x660p.

- The framerate is still at a rate of 30FPS, however, it is somewhat more stable.

- The textures have undergone some changes. Some have been improved and some have been simplified. The overall result is quite superior in the latest version.

- Shadows have been reduced in resolution, however, their draw distance has been increased.

- The general draw distance has also been increased.

- In summary, little by little the optimization in Switch has given very appreciable results


Fortnite is now available on Nintendo Switch as well on PC, consoles, and Android devices worldwide.

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