Forspoken Cinematic Trailer Shows Frey in Different Worlds

Ule Lopez

The latest trailer for Forspoken was released today. This trailer is purely cinematic and features narration from the main character of the game, Frey. In it, she runs from threats in both Manhattan and in the fantasy world Athia. This builds up to a moment where she fights a monstrous creature after she talks about finding your fight.

You can watch the trailer below:

Forspoken is an upcoming Action RPG published by Square Enix. The game is made exclusively for PlayStation 5 consoles (and PC) and will be a current-gen exclusive; currently, the game has a demo available. Unfortunately, even the demo wasn't safe from having technical issues that dragged it back. It was recently found that the resolution in Forspoken can go as low as 720p in Performance Mode.

The game's developers have since stated that the issues with the text size, button mapping, and HDR will at least be fixed by the time the full game is released.

While the aforementioned playable demo drops players in the middle of the adventure, our own Kai had the chance to try out Forspoken from the very beginning, highlighting how the experience may take a while to get going, as Freya's abilities are quite limited at the start of her journey in Athia.

Without a full suite of parkour abilities, traversing Athia can sometimes be a chore, especially when it comes to nay upwards climbing. The ability to bound upwards that players can test out for themselves in the current playable demo is a later unlock, with players mostly only having access to Flow as the very first movement ability unlocked (used by holding down the left analog stick and the Circle button). All of the fancier moves, from running on water and so forth, remain as teasers in gameplay footage and will be something that players can look forward to discovering for themselves.

Forspoken is set to release on January 24 on PlayStation 5 and PC. Check out our roundup info article here.

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