Apple’s iPhone 6S Plus Was Intended To Be Only Force Touch Recipient

Apple's Force Touch has become the talk of the town for that part of the smartphone world recently. Launched with the MacBook, Force Touch is haptic feedback for the notebook's trackpad. It allows users to interact with their virtual world in new ways, allowing for greater gestural command support coupled with increased feedback in the form of vibration. Well, Force Touch has been rumored to make it to this year's iPhone upgrades for quite a while now and now Apple's alleged supply chains are claiming some interesting facts indeed.

Force Touch Was Intended As An iPhone 6S Plus Feature Only Claim Sources

Sources out of Taiwan claim to have some more information about Apple's Force Touch plans for the upcoming iPhone 6S duo. Word on the street is that TPK will be the one to provide Apple will all the requirements for Force Touch on the iPhone 6S. Furthermore, Apple supply chain sources in the country claim that the Cupertino manufacturer had originally intended to introduce Force Touch on the iPhone 6S Plus only. FT panels for the iPhone are expected to cost Apple nearly three times as the Apple Watch, and now the Cupertino manufacturer has had a bit of change of plans.

TPK will be providing Apple Force Touch panels for both the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus. Force Touch is expected to contribute quite a lot to Apple's flagship in terms of functionality and features, given that the appropriate apps hit the Apple Store. Users will be able to experience Haptic feedback and increased interaction with their smartphones courtesy of Apple latest addition - given that the rumors hold ground. It'll also end up helping Apple keep its edge when it comes to product differentiation. Sound good? Let us know what you think in the comments section and we'll keep you updated with the latest.

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