How to Force Quit Multiple Apps on Your Mac Running macOS [Tutorial]


Here's a complete guide on how to force quit multiple apps on your Mac running macOS.

Has Your Mac Given Up the Ghost? Time to Force Quit Multiple Apps at the Same Time

Ask any Mac user right now and they'll tell you immediately how stable Apple's desktop platform is compared to Windows. But that does not mean that it's absolutely bullet-proof. Once in a while, an app or game will freeze everything up, forcing you to take extreme measures to get things right again. This includes restarting the Mac at hand or getting help from the Force Quit Applications menu by holding down the Command+Option+Esc keys together.

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What if the problem is forcing you to close multiple applications at the same time? Sure, you can do it one by one but it will take forever. In today's guide we'll show you how you can force quit multiple apps in a jiffy.

Force Quit Multiple Apps in macOS

1. Launch the Force Quit Applications menu by holding down the Command+Option+Esc keys together. If you have a new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, the process is still the same.

2. Now hold down the Command key and click on the apps you wish to force quit.

3. Once you've made your selection, let go of the Command key.

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4. Now click on Force Quit and confirm your action.

All the apps have now been shut down. You can now resume your work normally.

Closing multiple applications is a great way in order to return to normality. In fact, I regularly make use of this feature in order to shut off multiple applications in bulk. But make sure you have saved all your work beforehand. You do not want to end up losing important files just because you were going Rambo in the application quitting process.

We will be back with even more Mac related tips and tricks, so stay tuned. In the meantime, make sure you master the art of force quitting apps and share the trick with your friends too.