Football Manager 2020 Goes Epic Games Store & Free to Own

Football is Back, something people have truly been missing over the pandemic. Throughout this time Football Manager 2020 has been there for me, letting me continue after my review of the game. Much like the beautiful game itself, Football Manager 2021 has become a casualty of the pandemic and while it will release sometime this year, it's still an unknown when.

Until that time, for those who haven't played the best simulation of the perfect game, now is the perfect chance. Sports Interactive and SEGA are teaming up with Epic Games to bring Football Manager 2020 to the Epic Games Store and, in its first week, it's absolutely free to own.

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Do I recommend you play the game? Well, my 9.5/10 review was summarised with this:

Football Manager 2020 is the purest, most engrossing, and also the most accessible football management game yet and marks yet another high point for the series. From improved accessibility and usability to improved AI and long-term gameplay functions in new features like the development centre & club vision, this is a game that takes a longer more realistic look at the beautiful game than any before it. Slight issues still prevail, but this is the closest to perfect the series has ever been.

On an interesting note, Football Manager 2020 also has an online mode and this version on the EGS also supports cross-network play with Steam versions of the game, so newcomers can jump in with a pre-built audience that is still at an average of over 50,000 players.

In a non-FM20 related bit of news, Football Manager is joined in its week of going free over on the Epic Games Store by a game called Stick it to The Man. Both games end their free week on the 24th fo September. So yes, put on your suit, prepare for a cup final and grab yourself the beautiful game.

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