Flex 2.5 Beta Update Brings Support For Searching App Patches In The Cloud

Ali Salman

If you're lucky enough to possess a jailbroken status, then at some point in time, you would have made use of the Flex 2 jailbreak tweak. Flex 2 is one of the most popular jailbreak tweaks that allows users to modify any kind of app that you want and change its behavior in a fraction of moments. Flex 2.5 Beta have been recently updated that brings the most demanding features in the tweak. Let's get down and see some more details on the update.

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Flex 2.5 Beta Update Adds Search Tab To Search App Patches And More

A new feature has been introduced in the Flex 2.5 Beta update that many users have been waiting for quite some time now. Support for Search has been added in the update that allows users to search app patches which have been uploaded by other miscellaneous users in the cloud.

The update not only brings a brand new Search tab to the Flex app, it also adds some UI improvements and bug fixes. The bug fixes have fixed the automatic keyboard dismissal issue when the search button is pressed. Other minor issues have also been taken into account.

Before this update, users would have to manually check for available patches, which were detailed in the form of a list. You might have experienced the cumbersome way of looking for the patch, but with this update, all you have to do is type the name of the patch and it will be shown.

You can get your hands on the Flex 2.5 Beta through the developer's repo alone. To get the most recent update, add this source to Cydia: http://getdelta.co. Launch Flex and navigate to the Cloud tab once you have installed the update, which is located at the bottom of the app. To your surprise, you will see a new Search tab. This is where you will type the name of your patch and the respective results will be shown.

Searching for patches instead of locating them from a list is by far a great improvement. It is good to see that the developer is providing continuous support and improvements for the tweak. So if you haven't tried Flex 2.5 yet, we would definitely recommend you to try it. The improved features in the tweak are definitely worth a swing.

This is it for now, folks. Are you a Flex user? Do you think the addition of a Search tab to search for patches is a good addition? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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