Here’s How To Fix Pangu’s iOS 9 Jailbreak ‘Boot Loop Of Death’ Issue


Even though Pangu was the first to release jailbreak for iOS 9 - iOS 9.0.2, it did come with its own set of issues. Concerning Pangu's jailbreak for iOS 9, the jailbreak is causing 'boot loop of death' issues for some users. However, according to a Cydia developer, the issue comes into being due to poor reboots.


For those unfamiliar with the 'boot loop of death' or BLoD issue, it mainly occurs when users boot up their devices. According to the Cydia developer, when users try to boot their device, 'the untether fails consecutively' which can take hours or get stuck in the loop for eternity. She further coins that installing an incompatible substrate tweak is not a BLoD. However, there is a simple fix to dodge or avoid the 'boot loop of death'.

So let's head down to some details and see how can the 'boot loop of death' be overcome.

Apply This Simple Fix For The 'Boot Loop of Death' Issue

If users' jailbroken device gets stuck in the everlasting reboot loop, they can always perform the Volume Up trick. Likewise, if you try performing a reboot several times, it will eventually lead you to your Springboard. However, this is not the 'boot loop of death' that we are addressing.

Users should restrain themselves from performing the force restart mechanism to restart their devices, instead a clean shutdown is required, which pretty much seems unlikely when you're stuck in the 'boot loop of death'. So what can be the appropriate fix for this issue? The only way to fix this mysterious issue is to restore your device. Try this if, you're stuck in BLoD.

If you don't want to get trapped in this situation, better gear up to avoid a few things that we're about to mention. Restrain yourself from rebooting your device and make sure your device does not run out of battery life if you have jailbroken your device using Pangu 9. You can Respring your device, though. Avoid upgrading to iOS 9 if you're currently jailbroken on iOS 8.4 until the issue has been resolved.

Jailbreak usually tags along with issues like these and possibly fixes arrive by the passage of time. The issue for most has something to do with the way the jailbreak works. However, angelXwind is already working on fixing this issue. This is it for now, folks. Have you jailbroken your device using Pangu 9? Do you face the 'boot loop of death' issue? Share your thoughts in the comments.