How to Fix OS X Yosemite Download Errors and Issues

Apple made OS X Yosemite Beta 1 for public available a couple hours ago. With this first public beta iteration of the Mac OS X, there are obviously a few OS X Yosemite errors that need to be fixed. Some of these are related to the downloading and installation of the software making it difficult for the users to test the latest OS from Apple. This post will help you fix some of OS X Yosemite errors and issues. It should, however, be noted that if you are facing some download error, it could very well be because of the insane amount of users trying to download the latest OS X 10.10 right now. However, if the issue is not related to the bugs of server load, you will hopefully find a fix here.

- If you are interested in knowing about the steps to install OS X Yosemite Beta 1 on your Mac without hurting and damaging your current OS, here is the guide to help you: OS X Yosemite Public Beta is Out – Here is How to Install it!OS X Yosemite errors

Fix OS X Yosemite errors and issues:

1- First the obvious and most happening of the OS X Yosemite bugs right about now: The beta program is inaccessibleapple-site-down

As mentioned before, Apple beta site keeps crashing due to a huge amount of users trying to access the site and download the latest OS X. For this particular issue, you have nothing to do but show a little patience. While the beta site comes back up, try to create a new partition on your Mac for the new Yosemite or clean that drive to make up the required 20GB space free.

2- Hoping that you have done all that needs to done and the beta site is accessible again, here is the next error that might be facing: redeeming code error on Mac App Store "This code has already been redeemed” 

Quite a number of users are reporting facing this This code has already been redeemed error when trying to redeem the OS X code. The bug is certainly just a little mess up in the background as the redemption code actually is working and will let you download your own beta Yosemite. Here is how:

  • On the Mac App Store, go to Purchases tab.
  • Refresh purchases with Command+R combo and you will see OS X Yosemite Beta 1 at the very top!
  • Click on the Download button and ta da!

Follow the installation with easy steps shared with you here.

3- We do wish that you don't get this one of the OS X Yosemite errors as it stops the download with an OS X Yosemite Beta 1 failed to download – Use the Purchases page to try again error messageCapture

While you may feel here that you are doing something wrong in the process or it's some issue with your machine, nothing such is true. Keep trying and it will finally download successfully. As tried, this error actually comes up in row for a few times until finally downloading the OS X Yosemite. The above error message or the An error has occurred message during downloading process (after successful redeeming) stops coming after a couple or few times. Like the inaccessibility issue, this is perhaps to do with Apple servers as well. So keep trying, be persistent and show the attitude of a tester.

Good luck and let us know if you find any other solutions to OS X Yosemite errors and bugs.

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