Fix iTunes DRM Bug the Right Way – Updating to 12.2.1 Won’t Fix It

Apple released the maintenance update to iTunes 12.2 today with iTunes 12.2.1. This update promises to resolve issues related to Apple Music and Beats 1 radio station. It also claimed to fix quite an annoying problem where iTunes Match songs were classified as Apple Music resulting in an unnecessary of addition of DRM. iTunes 12.2.1 helps in restoring non-DRMed files to your library and fix the entire classification issue.

How to fix iTunes DRM bug:

However, if you are assuming that by simply updating to the latest iTunes version would rid you of all these issues, my friend, you are being overly optimistic. Once updated, iTunes 12.2.1 will certainly shuffle your songs under Matched and Purchased categories but you might get into bigger problems. You will have to follow the procedure that Apple has outlined in the new Support document to fix this issue without deleting your purchased songs. According to the support document, iTunes will correct the songs information automatically meaning you will see the incorrectly assigned songs switched back to Apple Music within the iTunes library.

fix iTunes DRM bug

Apple also says that after the update, you can remove and download any songs that were incorrectly downloaded as Apple Music. Here's the problem. If you delete the DRM version of the song from the library, and confirm the step, you won't be able to get the song back in your library or anywhere else.

Simply follow Apple Music support instructions to fix iTunes DRM bug the right way [emphasis is ours]:

  1. Open iTunes 12.2.1.
  2. In the upper-left corner of iTunes, click the Music icon.
  3. Click My Music.
  4. Control-click the songs that were incorrectly downloaded as Apple Music, then choose Remove Download.
  5. Control-click the same songs, then choose Make Available Offline to download them again correctly as Matched songs.

There's also a workaround to find the accidentally deleted tracks:

  • Go to your iTunes Account
  • Click on Account Info > iTunes in the Cloud
  • Tap on Hidden Purchases > Manage.
  • You will see the deleted tracks here. Click on Unhide them.
  • Next, go to iTunes Preferences > uncheck iCloud Music Library > OK.
  • Simply click on the download button to restore the accidentally deleted tracks.
  • Go back into iTunes Preferences > check iCloud Music Library back > OK.

No more FairPlay DRM or the mess of deleted songs.



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