First Rollable Smartphone Prototype Isn’t From Samsung but It Can Extend Its Display to 6.7 Inches


Soon after foldable smartphones, we’ll eventually see the top-ranked manufacturers branch out to rollable smartphones. Samsung is said to introduce its first rollable smartphone sometime in 2021, but the first working prototype that you’re about to read about right now isn’t from the Korean tech giant. No, it’s from a relatively unknown manufacturer when it comes to smartphones.

TCL Unveils First Rollable Smartphone Prototype, Where the Unit’s Display’s Real Estate Can Increase

That’s right, the first rollable smartphone prototype isn’t from Samsung or Huawei for that matter. It’s from TCL, a manufacturer that has earned its name by selling price-to-performance TVs. Though the Chinese tech firm does mass produce smartphones, their models are unknown compared to the likes of Samsung. Regardless, it’s refreshing to see that the company made a bold move to proceed with a prototype with a regular display size that measures 4.5 inches diagonally.

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Thanks to the rollable display technology that’s developed in the collaboration with China Star, the rollable smartphone prototype can have its display extended to 6.7 inches when completely unrolled. However, it’s not clear if users will have the option to extend the screen in between, or will it only be able to unroll completely to 6.7 inches and roll back to 4.5 inches. Looks like we’ll have to find out when the first commercial units have released in the near future. Though you can check out the video below, there’s no news on when these devices will go into mass production.

Looking at the state of unique smartphone form factors at this time, it looks like foldable handsets will still need to gain a significant level of momentum before manufacturers can dare to leap into ventures like this. Also, considering the complex manufacturing process and the components that are incorporated into making such devices, we don’t expect commercial rollable smartphone units to come cheap.

Looking at how Samsung introduced the first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, for an eye-watering $1,980, expect to cough up the same price if you want to be the proud owner of the first rollable smartphone, and don’t be surprised if it’s accompanied with the same level of fragility as the initial family of foldables.

News Source: YouTube