First iPhone 14 Pro Max Teardown Shows How Apple Achieved Its Dynamic Island by Arranging Components That Take up Less Space

First iPhone 14 Pro Max Teardown Shows How Apple Achieved Its Dynamic Island by Arranging Components That Take up Less Space

Apple’s top-tier flagship, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, gets its first teardown treatment, and though it is not from iFixit, you get a closer look at all the internal changes, including the Dynamic Island and how it came to be, thanks to some clever engineering. Let us take a closer look.

New Teardown Also Shows Improved Thermal System, Bigger Main Camera, but Smaller Battery than iPhone 13 Pro Max

Getting inside was reasonably straightforward if you have the right tools and if you show a little patience, as demonstrated by PBKReviews in his latest video. Opening up the iPhone 14 Pro Max, we find that there is an L-shaped 4323mAh battery, and it is smaller than the 4352mAh cell present in the predecessor, the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The A16 Bionic likely helps to improve overall endurance, as shown in our previous report, but apart from that, we notice that the logic board features a metal plate with graphite pads.

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This will likely be used to transfer heat effectively, meaning that there will be fewer chances for the A16 Bionic to thermal throttle when an extensive load is applied. Moving on, perhaps the biggest change that Apple introduced to the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the Dynamic Island, with the teardown showing the TrueDepth camera, which consists of the Face ID sensors and front-facing sensor. These modules have been present on previous iPhones, but what is so different about this one?

For starters, the proximity sensor is present underneath the display, giving Apple a ton of free space to play around with, which ultimately resulted in the company switching to Dynamic Island and foregoing the notch. While we are on the subject of sensors, the iPhone 14 Pro Max teardown also shows the rear camera. With Apple upgrading from 12MP to 48MP for just the ‘Pro’ models, you will notice that physically, the sensor is larger in size, which was expected, and will allow for improved image and video quality.

There is also the lack of a SIM card tray, and we get our first look at the satellite connectivity module, giving users access to Apple’s Emergency SOS via satellite feature. If you wish to take a look at the entire iPhone 14 Pro Max teardown, the video is given below, so if you think we missed anything else, please tell us in the comments.

News Source: PBKReviews

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