First 2019 Mac Pro Was Gifted to Donald Trump by Tim Cook

Omar Sohail
First 2019 Mac Pro Was Gifted to Donald Trump by Tim Cook

The first 2019 Mac Pro that came off the assembly line in Austin, Texas, was gifted to former United States President Donald Trump. That’s some expensive gift, according to the financial disclosure report.

Gifted 2019 Mac Pro Is Valued at $5,999, Meaning That the Base Model Was Given to the Former President

The 2019 Mac Pro is one of the most expensive pieces of hardware Apple has made so far, and the fact that it was given to the former United States President should be considered a great honor. As mentioned above, the workstation's price is $5,999, suggesting that it’s the base model and shouldn’t be considered as powerful as the other configurations. Also, since the hardware is slightly dated, it wouldn’t make much sense for average consumers to get one at this current time.

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While it was the first 2019 Mac Pro presented as a gift, it certainly wasn’t the first Mac Pro produced by Apple. The Flex Factory, where the workstation was created, was also used for the 2013 Mac Pro’s assembly. Most of our readers will remember this as the machine sporting the trashcan form factor. If Tim Cook decides to gift the new President of the United States, Joe Biden, a Mac Pro, we’re certain it won’t be the 2019 version.

Instead, Apple has been working on a workstation that will house its custom silicon and will reportedly be half the current model's size. According to a separate report, the new Mac Pro could house a 32-core chip, but there’s something else too. One tipster believes that the technology giant is working on a 64-core Apple Silicon, and we believe that both these parts will be available as separate configurations when it’s officially announced.

While all of that sounds exciting, how cool is it that the former United States President got a free 2019 Mac Pro? Sure, it’s not the most high-end configuration Tim Cook sent, but it’s still a powerful machine regardless.

News Source: David Enrich

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