Firewall Ultra is a Sequel to Firewall Zero Hour; Reveal Trailer Shows PSVR2 Shooting Mechanics

Firewall Ultra

Firewall Zero Hour was a game originally designed by First Contact Entertainment and was made for PlayStation 4’s VR capabilities. Zero Hour was a first-person PvE and PvP shooter released in 2018. Now, First Contact Entertainment has confirmed that its sequel is in development. Known as Firewall Ultra, this new game marks the return of First Contact Entertainment’s games and is a first-person shooter on PlayStation VR2.

The game sports both PvE and PvP game modes available to players. Firewall Ultra also has a brand-new reveal trailer available, which you can watch below. It should go without saying that this requires a PlayStation VR2.

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Firewall Ultra takes place five years after the original, and the contractors and locations you’ve known and interacted with have made the jump to PlayStation 5. Everything underwent a visual upgrade, and character models have been completely remade with 4K HDR gameplay in mind. The game will also offer a much deeper customization suite than before.

In addition, the game will be running on dedicated servers, a change from the previous title’s connection method. Multiplayer matches themselves also have a foundational change; all matches will operate on a best two-out-of-three format, and new PvE content will be released with the game.

Post-release content was also confirmed in the form of new weapons, contractors, and maps, though what those are exactly wasn’t revealed. The game takes advantage of PlayStation VR2’s new Sense Technology features, like eye tracking, which allows intuitive weapon swapping and HUD indicator access.

A full gameplay trailer will be coming soon for Firewall Ultra, but today’s trailer is merely a reveal trailer. We’ll continue to update as more information for Firewall Ultra is released. Firewall Ultra is currently in development for PlayStation 5, with a yet-to-be-announced release date. You can wishlist Firewall Ultra on PlayStation Store right now, though.

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