Find Out What Happens In the First Witcher Without Having to Play It

Rizwan Anwer

The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition is releasing for the XBOX 360 later this month, and if you are a fan of the video game and / or are late to The Witcher 2 PC party then the below video is all you need to see to catch up on the story of the Witcher 2 without having to play through the first game on the PC, this is a great alternative to people who don't wish to read the plot / synopsis of the video over Wikipedia or other sources and a great way to catch up to the game. The video has been made by the developers of the game CD Projekt so you can count on it being good.

I don't even need to tell you about spoilers if you haven't played the original game.

The Witcher 2 is easily one of PC Gaming's best looking RPG's, it has an amazing story and utilizes the RPG elements better than most RPG's on the PC giving players the ultimate experience, but there are those people who simply skip the first part due to it not being well received or known about and they are too anxious to playing the sequel to bother catching up to the story of the previous game. So they simply ask a friend or google a synopsis or a plot summary for the game and play on. CD Projekt decided to make these players more interested in the story of the Witcher by making the story of the first game into a small animated movie so that more players are encouraged to skip the first game if they are simply looking to skim through the story.

The video is superb and really shows all the important details about the original game itself but I would still highly recommend to taking the time out and actually playing the first Witcher game as it is truly a diamond in the rough which many people DID miss out on and since the second game spread like wild fire its only fair that gamers should give the original game a shot too.

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