Final Fantasy XV March Update To Introduce New Chapter 13 Content; Episode Gladiolus To Be Around 2 Hours Long


One of the most controversial features of Final Fantasy XV is Chapter 13, which introduces some new mechanics which haven't exactly received much praise. Director Hajime Tabata confirmed a while back that the chapter would be improved, and today we have learned that these improvements will be coming this month.

Speaking with Game Informer at PAX East 2017, Producer Haruyoshi Sawatari confirmed that the game's March update, which will likely launch shortly before the Episode Gladiolus DLC, will include new content such as a new route following Ignis and Gladio, additional cutscenes featuring Emperor Aldercapt and Ravus, and improvements for the Ring of the Lucii spells.

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So there is an update planned for this month that includes enhancements to chapter 13. So before, obviously, it was just Noctis by himself, kind of alone without the powers of his weapon summoning abilities. But what we’ve done for chapter 13, is we’ve added a separate route for Gladio and Ignis after they get split off from Noctis, so you actually get to play as Gladio, and see what happened from their side of things until they reunited with Noctis. You’ll see some additional cutscenes [that] just show you what took place while Noctis was kind of on his own. You’ll get some actual gameplay with the party of Gladio and Ignis together. You’ll see what happened to Emperor Aldercapt and Revis, and where they ended up being during the whole time. These are just the supplementary scenes that were added into chapter 13, and that’s just for chapter 13. But aside from that, we’re overhauling the ring magic, so the three spells that you could use with the Ring of the Lucii, those are completely powerful now, like super powerful now. So those are some other things to look forward to.

In the same interview, Sawatari confirmed that that the Episode Gladiolus DLC will last around two hours for the first playthrough, but an additional play mode unlocked after completing the DLC once will grant replay value. Sawatari also commented how the battle mechanics of Episode Gladiolus are the features that stand out the most.

The thing that stands out the most about Episode Gladiolus is the battle system. That kind of balance between offense and defense, where by defending you raise your attack power, and by attacking you’re able to form the stronger glaive arts. But, it’s a simple offense-defense system, but that’s where the player skill comes into play, in terms of knowing when to guard, when to have your attack power multiplier at maximum. It just creates a lot of freedom for the player to try out different things, and that’s going to be the core of the secondary modes that unlock after you play the first playthrough.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus launches this month on both formats.