Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer shows lightning does strike the same place twice

Jun 7, 2011

Very few games in the Final Fantasy franchise are given an -2 sequel the last game I remember to get this was Final Fantasy X-2 for the PS2 but now we are getting a sequel to 2010's Final Fantasy XIII, Be prepared for Final Fantasy XIII-2

The trailer is very kick ass and shows the return of people who shouldn't be alive right now (People who have ended the game know the two people I am talking about) along with them we see the return of Sarah, Lightning and a new male lead by the name of Nolan? (I think) But if what the video says is true than Lightning is dead and Lightning still thinks that Sarah is dead?! But that's completely different from the events of XIII.

The game will offer a much more refined combat system including a quick time event where you press buttons at the right time to deliver damage to your foe. Let's hope the game is worth waiting for.