Final Fantasy XIII-2 gameplay shows Lightning Vs. Bahamut


Final Fantasy XIII-2 is one of the few -2 games in the Final Fantasy series, while Final Fantasy X-2 was not able to live up to expectations of X it was still a decent game, and judging by the E3 gameplay and trailers of the game I can definitely say that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be a mixed experience.

As always the graphics are beautiful because Sqaure Enix always does make Final Fantasy games very amazing, the level of details and the cinematic sequences of the games are always something eye catching and you really cant tell game from reality at times and it seems that Square has done it yet again.

While the below fight was originally a part of the E3 2011 demo it is now a full fledged fight shown off at this years WCG 2011 the fight shows what appears to be the beginning of the game (judging by the amount of damage Lightning is receiving) You can see that the same battle system of Final Fantasy XIII has come back but this time there is a new addition to the combat by the name of "Cinematic Action" Where you press a specified button to do damage / Dodge an attack or any other action, this has been seen before in games like God of War, Castlevania Lords of Shadow etc and is a nice addition to the series.

As you can see Lightning can now indefinitely ride Odin and dish out massive damage to Bahamut 😀 In Final Fantasy XIII You only had around a minute or so to control the summons but it seems that this has been adjusted to make combat feel more intense in the game. Final Fantasy is scheduled for release in December 2011 in Japan and Q1 2012 for the other parts of the world.