Final Fantasy VII Remake Won’t Be Delayed, But Retail Copies May Be Hard to Come By

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake is releasing on April 10th as scheduled, but retail copies may be hard to find.

On the game's official Twitter profile, Square Enix confirmed that the game will be released on April 10th despite the COVID-19 pandemic, but changes in the distribution and retail landscape across various countries will make it so that retail copies may be hard to find.

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As the situation is changing every day, Square Enix will provide an update on the situation this Friday, March 20th.

Yesterday, many of those that pre-ordered the game on Amazon were warned that Final Fantasy VII Remake would not be shipped on April 10th. This was due to Amazon suspending shipments of all nonessential products to its warehouses.

We are seeing increased online shopping, and as a result some products such as household staples and medical supplies are out of stock.“With this in mind, we are temporarily prioritizing household staples, medical supplies, and other high-demand products coming into our fulfillment centers so that we can more quickly receive, restock, and deliver these products to customers.

In case you cannot wait for the game to release, you can download a playable demo featuring the first chapter on the PlayStation Store worldwide.

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is a bold reimagining of the original FINAL FANTASY VII, originally released in 1997 for the PlayStation, developed under the guidance of the original key developers.

This grand adventure filled with memorable characters and crafted with cutting edge technology was an instant worldwide hit, and now it is reborn for a new era.

With a mix of traditional command-based combat and real-time action, fans can explore the world of FINAL FANTASY VII, recreated with today’s technology.

Final Fantasy VII Remake launches on April 10th. We will keep you updated on the game's retail release situation as soon as Square Enix provides an update, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

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