Final Fantasy VII Remake File Size Reportedly Monstrous; Allegedly Clocks in Over 100GB

Final Fantasy VII Remake File Size

The Final Fantasy VII Remake file size might have been revealed and fans might want to consider purchasing an external drive.

We already knew that the first episode of the highly-anticipated remake would be released on two Blu-Ray discs, and now a scan of the back of the game’s cover has seemingly surfaced online, revealing the game’s gigantic file size on PlayStation 4.

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As posted on Reddit and Twitter, Final Fantasy VII Remake is said to be over 100GB when installed. Ahead of the game’s release this April, fans might want to free up some drive space or start looking for an external hard-drive to be able to install the game.

It's likely that this gigantic size is related to uncompressed video files on the game's discs. Then again, there are bigger games available on Sony's console - Modern Warfare is known for its notorious gigantic size, and the same applies to Destiny 2, which could take up to 165GB on PS4. Also, Final Fantasy XV requires around 100GB as well on PlayStation 4 with all of its available DLCs.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is slated for a release on PlayStation 4 on April 10. Last week, Square Enix released the full new opening trailer for the remake.

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