Farming Simulator PS4/Xbox One Gameplay Trailer Shows the Wonders of Couch Farming


Farming Simulator 15 is coming to consoles, letting you reap the rewards of the land from your couch. The first gameplay trailer shows off the great visuals you can expect while plowing your fields.

The first teaser trailer for Farming Simulator 15 gives a glimpse of the console farming life.

This is probably the surprise of the century. Farming Simulator 15 came out of nowhere with it's realistic yet entertaining embodiment of farming life. In fact over 1 million people bought the game, and it was even seen on Twitch more than you would think. And now that wonderful experience is coming to consoles on May 19th.

Looking through the gameplay teaser you can see that the farm management simulator is being tailored to the controller pretty well. That and the new graphics and physics they built the game on looks really great.

The usual activities will be there, from planting, maintaining and harvesting crops to maintaining livestock. The cool thing, though, is that they've added woodcutting to the repertoire of money making activities.

Like the original, there are over 100 different vehicles and other farming implements that are modeled after real life examples and real brands are included in the game. The game world and maps will be just as large and full of potential. Multiplayer will also be supported on consoles, letting you farm with your friends. Whether or not custom maps will be supported has yet to be revealed.

You may not be a fan of this genre of games, but they do actually offer a certain amount of relaxation that you wouldn't expect it to have. But, of course, sometimes these sim games are bit much and a bit too engrossing. But it did sell more than a million copies on the PC, so there must be something to it.