Fallout 4 Tips – Your Handbook To The Wasteland


It's been just five days since Bethesda opened the gates of the Commonwealth Wasteland, and some gamers are probably still getting to grips with the game. As a result, here's a handy list of Fallout 4 tips - the bulk of it comes from a Reddit thread started by user Dylloop95, but we've gathered more Fallout 4 tips around the Web and even added a few from our gameplay experience; we'll continue to update this post if more useful tips are discovered.


  • You can plan your character's build with this online tool; I strongly advise to do so in order to avoid wasting precious points as there is currently no way to respec your character (at least until such a mod is released).
  • Remember to hit quick save as often as possible. Nothing is more annoying than dying after you got a nice drop at the end of a "dungeon" and having to do it all over again.
  • Here's a detailed map of the Commonwealth Wasteland with locations of collectibles and more.
  • You'll run faster when your weapon is holstered.
  • You have many options to recover HP. There are stimpacks (which you can find inside first aid kits pretty much everywhere), of course, but also food, drinks and sleeping in a bed.
  • Sleeping in a bed you own also gives +10% to XP gains for a period of time. Moreover, if you manage to sleep with a companion the XP bonus goes up to +15%.
  • You can also get +5% to XP if you sit on a pew inside Diamond City's All Faiths Chapel.
  • You need to sit or sleep to wait time, you can't do it standing.
  • Sell Fusion Cores to traders before they run out, you will get much more for a partially charged core, over an empty core.
  • When sneaking, how far the brackets are apart tell how how "sneaky" you are. You have a bigger change to get detected if the brackets are close to each other, for example [ hidden ] is better than [hidden].
  • While using the missile launcher, you can shoot, start the reload, switch weapon and back and it will be reloaded.
  • Pickpocket enemies with power armor to steal their Fusion Cores, this will cause them to leave the armor, and you can steal the frame.
  • When leaving your power armor remember to remove the Fusion Core, so no NPC will decide to use it.
  • When hacking look for [],(), <>,and {} with anything in between the brackets, clicking the leftmost bracket will reset your attempts to give you more tries, or remove dud words from the list.
  • Try to always carry a weapon of each ammo type, that way you are less likely to be completely out of ammo.
  • You can tag specific crafting materials by going into your junk section in your inventory, and switch to material view.
  • There is no level cap. Don't fret about spending perk points. The game's enemies don't scale with you, but they do get harder farther from the start, and the farthest away points of the map have level 50 enemies. There's no shortage of things to take down and no shortage of points to get strong enough to do it.
  • For Power Armor: sprinting, strong melee attacks and VATs drain your Fusion Core faster than walking or standing still.
  • Fast Travel in Power Armor doesn't use and Fusion Core battery, and you can still fast travel with no charge in the core.
  • Power Armor sinks, so it's best not to swim with it.
  • You can zoom in on the pip boy by right clicking.
  • You can change the color of your flashlight by changing the color of your Pip Boy text in the display settings.
  • When using terminals, instead of repeatedly pushing the back button to leave, [TAB] on PC, (B on Xbox/Circle on PlayStation) just hold it and you will quickly exit the terminal.
  • If you're against a corner and you aim down the sights you will peek around the wall. That's the new cover system.
  • Searchlights can be shot down.


  • There are thirteen companions that may accompany you on your adventures in the Wasteland. Six of them can be romanced.
  • Companions cannot die, so most of the time using stimpacks on them isn't worth it; they'll just get back on their feet after a while.
  • Some companions can pick more advanced locks and hack more advanced terminals than you would be able to at the beginning. More specifically: Cait for lockpicking, Nick Valentine for hacking.
  • Companions can be directed and can have more options if they like the player character a lot, whether being a human, a dog or even a robot. This is influenced by how you approaches the quests and talk to other people.
  • Humanoid companions can be ordered to use power armor. To do so, you need to "unrack" it from the power armor frame (easiest way is to simply wear it), step out of it, and then "command" the companion by mousing over them and hitting the "Use" hotkey, and then clicking the opened power armor. To get a Companion out of power armor, talk to them and 'chat'. There will be a dialog option to ask them to jump out.
  • To force a companion to equip a specific weapon or apparel, switch to their inventory in the trade menu and a button will show up to have the NPC equip the item ("T" for PC, "Y" for Xbox, "Triangle" for PS4).
  • Companions like Dogmeat and Codsworth can carry 150 pounds, others may be able to carry more (like 165 pounds for Preston, it might be because of his strength). It is possible to make companions wear pocketed armor to increase their max weight (+30 pounds with basic pockets).
  • Dogmeat does not count as a companion for the purposes of the Lone Wanderer perk, therefore you can adventure with him and keep those benefits. Dogmeat can also get the Cryolator weapon for you from Vault 111 - just bring him there and ask him to fetch items.


  • You do not need to break down junk items to get components by hand the game will do it for you if the junk items are stored in your settlement workbench or inventory. Extra resources will be deposited in your settlement workbench (it may take some time to appear).
  • You can grow your own adhesive by cooking Vegetable Starch with Corn, Tato, Muttfruit, and Purified Water. This will get you five adhesive; Corn, Tato, Muttfruit can be grown at your settlement or you can just pick them from GreyGarden, a settlement completely run by robots (here's its location, south west of Lexington). Purified Water itself can get you five adhesive; moreover, if you build a water purifier you'll automatically get some purified water every now and then at the local workshop. Codsworth can also give you purified water.
  • When naming weapons, put a hyphen or space at the beginning of the name (EX: -gun name), and those weapons will default to the top of the list in your pip-boy (thanks: CromeDaBeast).
  • If you look at the Junk section of your inventory you can switch to a list of all the components your junk breaks down into (with C on PC). In that list you can set or remove a search tag.
  • When you upgrade a weapon, the current mod will be placed in your inventory. If you transfer all mods to your workbench, if you put that upgrade on another weapon, it will use the mod before crafting a new one.
  • You can salvage weapon sights by modifying the weapon with the no sights attachment, which costs no resources to make.
  • If a gun/armor has a mod you can't build, you can still swap the mod out and install it on another weapon.


  • If you really want to make kick-ass settlements, there's already a mod up on Nexus which removes any limit to settlement objects. Here's what a Reddit user was able to build with it.
  • When building settlements you can raise and lower objects by holding E and using scroll wheel on PC, X and L1/R1 on PS4.
  • When building your first settlement use E to move the initial workbenches instead of scrapping them.
  • You can remove the radiation from Starlight Drive by scrapping the barrels in the center, and the Unrusted Crashed Car.
  • Water pumps, farms, and traders deposit the Items and Caps they produce into the workbench.
  • To help place objects in hard places use a small rug then place the object on the rug, pick up the rug and the item will remain attached but the game uses the rugs collision detection.(This allows you to clip objects into walls!)
  • To assign settlers select them in the crafting screen then select the object you want them to work
  • Settlers can work up to 6 Food at a time. Meaning a settler can tend to 12 plants that produce .5 food each.
  • To reduce raider attacks, make sure your defense state is higher than food + water.
  • Highlighting a settler in workshop mode will also highlight anything he's assigned to.
  • Fast Travel in between settlements will instantly grow all crops that have a settler assigned to them.
  • When you are selecting something through the workshop build interface if you press and hold the move command(Press and hold [E]) this will pick up all items attached(or very close) to the object you are picking up. (Be careful as if your walls are all attached you can pickup very large parts of your settlement!)
  • If you assign a companion to a settlement, you can assign them to a task. Build a bell in a central location in every settlement (Resources > Miscellaneous). Ringing it calls every settler to it, and makes it easy to find new settlers and assign them tasks.

Let us know in the comments if these Fallout 4 tips were useful for you. If you're playing the game on PC, also make sure to read our Fallout 4 tweaks guide, which now includes a link to a handy configuration tool.