Fallout 4 Mod Brings The Witcher 3 Gear To The Wasteland

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Feb 9, 2016

An amazing Fallout 4 mod allows players to use Geralt’s gear from The Witcher 3, within the wastelands of Fallout.

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Take two of the best titles of 2015, create some modifications, and what do you get? Geralt’s prologue gear in Bethesda’s latest title, Fallout 4.

The mod, created by Nexus Mods’ user Renn, uses the original models and textures from The Witcher 3.

For the modification, CD Projekt Red gave permission to use the original The Witcher 3 models and textures within Fallout 4.

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Witcher Crossbow (Weapon)


2 Colors : Cherry Wood Vintage / Ebony Chrome

2 Models : Basic / Epic

Ammo conversions : 10mm, .44, .308, .38, .50

10mm and .44 caliber are considered as a pistol and affected by Gunslinger perk.

.308, .38 and .50 caliber are considered as a rifle and affected by Rifleman perk.

Naming Rule : Black color has ‘II’ suffix and epic verion has ‘Epic’ adjective.


Witcher Geralt’s Outfit, Viper Armor and Gloves


2 Colors : Brown / Black

2 Models : Bagic / Crossbow (Accessory)

Lining, Balistic Weave and Legendary modifications are available.

Naming Rule : Black color has ‘II’ suffix and crossbow version has ‘hunting’ adjective.

Armor Slot : Body, Torso (Gloves : L/R Hands)

Female outfit models are compatible with CBBE. (Bodyslide is not supported yet)

Humans, ghouls and synths including Valentine can wear them.


Witcher Wolf Mask


3 Versions : Glowing Eyes / Dark Eyes / No Eyes

Lining, Balistic Weave and legendary modifications are available.

Armor Slot : Eyes (47)

Humans, ghouls and synths including Valentine can wear them.




Mod : Legendary Modification

Body Weight : Center value makes the best shape. (open the console and type SLM 14)

Check out the mod in action down below:

Thank you Renn for this amazing work.