Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC Gets Full List Of New Additions


The Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC has been released a few hours ago in all regions and on all formats, and now players are finally able to explore the new area, complete the new quests and generally enjoy more of what makes Fallout 4 a very nice RPG. Some Fallout 4 fans, however, have been able to enjoy the Far Harbor DLC for much longer than others, as they have been selected to participate in the beta. One of these lucky fans recently shared a very interesting list that might help those still on the fence regarding the DLC.

Reddit user lamnothereorthere shared a few hours a list of all the new content added to Fallout 4 by the Far Harbor DLC. The list confirms that pretty much all of Fallout 4 more interesting mechanics and features have been expanded with new content, so there's definitely something for all the game's fans. The full list of additions obviously includes some spoilers, so avoid taking a look at it if a general description of the additions is more than enough to convince you to get Far Harbor.


  • 3 new base ranged weapons ( lever action rifle, harpoon gun, radium rifle )
  • 2 new base melee weapons ( pole hook, meat hook )
  • 1 new "mine" item ( bear trap ) Edit: I forgot about the second. There are also: caltrops
  • 1 unique ranged weapon (as in it has an effect you won't just get off random legendaries)
  • 2 uniquemods (one for a ranged weapon, one for a melee weapon)
  • 2 base armor sets (as in they have parts for the head, chest, arms and legs) ( Marine and Trapper )
  • Quite a few more additional pieces of clothing (off the top of my head, I can think of at 5, not including ones that are part of the same "outfit", as in head and body). There is also a unique outfit
  • 2 power armor paint jobs
  • Several new perks (several ones that you can obtain through doing things, as well as one perk in each category getting a new level)
  • Several new items for settlements (What i noticed were "Barn" houses and Church of Atom decorations )
  • New legendary effects
  • New Recipes for cooking and chems

Edit: Forgot to mention, it also adds a new companion with their own likes and dislikes, that gives a perk at max affection [/spoiler]

Fallout 4 is now available in all regions on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Far Harbor DLC is also available right now in all regions.