Facebook Will Soon Allow You to Use Face ID and Touch ID to Lock the Messenger App


Our privacy has become one of the most important things there are. Whether we are trying to protect our identity, our credentials, the sensitive information we have, the conversations we have, or the people we talk to, being private is our right and protecting our privacy is important, especially in the world of prying eyes.

Facebook Messenger Will Soon Let You Lock it Using Face ID and Touch ID

Facebook Messenger app on iOS will soon be able to lock their messages on iOS. As per the news, Facebook is currently implementing an option that will require Face ID and Touch ID authentication in order to access the messages.

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Having the ability to access your inbox using Face ID or Touch ID should bring the same experience that is already present on WhatsApp. Considering how that is also owned by Facebook, this should not come as a surprise.

Users will be able to choose whether this authentication is going to be needed always or only after a period of time which could range from just a minute to over an hour. However, you do have to know that at the moment, this feature cannot lock individual conversations. But still, just having this feature is more than enough as it does add an extra layer of security to the Facebook Messenger app.

Facebook is currently testing this feature with a small number of users on iOS. However, Facebook will be expanding its reach in the future. Facebook wants to be able to give more choice to people as to how they control their private messages and protect them.

This is how the setting looks like, thanks to 9to5Mac.


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At the moment, we are not sure just when exactly Facebook is planning to roll this feature onto the Messenger app on iOS. However, given how they are still testing it and plan to roll it out further to make sure that this feature works as intended, we can estimate that it will take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month or so.

Are you looking forward to this feature on Facebook Messenger? You can download the Facebook Messenger from here on your iOS device.