Facebook Ads Will Still Show Even If You Have An Ad Blocker On


Like many social networks and websites, Facebook generates a chunk of its revenue from ads that are displayed to users. But ads can sometimes be so annoying, especially if you accidentally click on one of those pesky little hidden ones. That’s where ad blockers come into play, blocking all the unwanted an annoying ads there are.But it seems that Facebook has found a way to get around ablockers and they are keen on using it, that means that regardless of whether you are running an ad blocker or not you will still see ads on Facebook. That’s unfair right? Well not exactly. Ads are essential when you run something for free and Facebook is after all free and funded by advertisements.

Facebook says its ads are not annoying and they are essential for revenue

Knowing Facebook you should already be thinking that they are probably going to give you some kind of a choice and that is exactly what they are doing. The social network giant doesn’t want to just bombard you with all kinds of random ads. It is actually giving you an option to block ads from certain businesses, keep out unwanted interests and select those which, keep out unwanted interests and select those which you actually like. For example if you like travelling a lot then most ads will be filtered to show you travelling opportunities etc. This way Facebook intends to keep its ads less annoying and more personalized to users own needs.

So how exactly are they doing it? Well most ads are clearly identified as such within the code of the website and ad blockers pick this out. Most websites can’t really change the code because advertisers wrap their ads in so many data trackers that let them know how well their ads are performing, so ad blockers tend to work on them. But Facebook is so large that even advertisers need to adhere to their rules or risk losing out on millions of potential viewers.

Although the ads themselves will not be displayed as regular content and will contain the same “Sponsored” tags as before. The site’s code will show ads as regular Facebook content which won’t be picked up by ad blockers. Ad blockers will be helpless for now, but it may be only a matter of time before they find a way around this and then Facebook will have to come up with something new.

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