Independent Repair Provider Program From Apple Now Allows 3rd Party Shops to Service iPhones


Getting high-end smartphones fixed is often very costly and companies like Apple have been criticized for not making repairs more accessible to customers. However, the Cupertino giant has now taken a step towards the right direction with the announcement of its updated Independent Repair Provider Program.

New Program Requires Qualified Personnel to Pass a 40-Hour Training Program

Under the program, third-party services or shops will be able to repair out-of-warranty iPhones with genuine parts. The qualifying businesses can join for free but their technicians will have to go through a 40-hour training course and pass a test to be eligible to provide services.

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Once they pass, they will be given access to Apple-made parts, tools, diagnostics, service guides, and resources to address some common issues like cracked displays or dying batteries. It will also take some burden off Apple and its authorized partners. The program will be launched in the U.S. first and then be rolled out to other countries in due time

“The Independent Repair Provider program is designed for companies interested in offering out-of-warranty repair service for iPhones. Qualifying companies can gain access to Apple genuine parts, tools, training, service guides, diagnostics and resources to perform a variety out-of-warranty iPhone repairs, such as iPhone display and battery replacements.”

While it may seem like Apple has given in to activists, who often accuse the company of locking consumers to its repair services so that it gets to earn extra cash, the new Independent Repair Provider Program program might likely benefit the manufacturer. iPhone sales have been declining and by making it easier to repair older phones, the Cupertino giant can increase its user base and satisfied.

Customers upgrading to newer models can hand down their older devices to friends and family members, who can then get them repaired at a lower cost. This can increase the demand for related products like AirPods as well as services. Prior to this, third-party shops and services were forced to use aftermarket parts and as a result, they often replaced components with unreliable ones.

Now, they will be able to buy parts and tools at the same price as authorized resellers. The independent stores will also be required to bring back broken parts to Apple so they can be refurbished or recycled.

This seems like a win for consumers, independent and small scale shops, as well as Apple. Moreover, it will also make it more convenient for iPhones users to get their broken or faulty phones fixed.

Image Credits: iFixit

News Source: Apple