F1 2015 PS4 vs Xbox One Gameplay Frame-Rate Test

Archie Paras

DigitalFoundry has released a frame test video comparison between the PS4 and Xbox One versions of F1 2015, which can be viewed below:

The PS4 version of F1 2015 is 10% faster at a native 1080p resolution while the Xbox One renders at a lower resolution

Codemasters returns with an all-new F1 game for the new wave of console hardware. The big departure is a 60fps target, similar to what we saw in Project Cars, but the end result is very similar - a consistent 60fps is off the table, with Codemasters leaving frame-rate variable and unlocked. You get smoother response but it comes at the expense of ugly screen-tear. The frame-rates tell their own story. The PS4 version is anything up to 10fps faster than the Xbox One game, even though the Microsoft platform is operating at 1440x1080 up against native full HD on PS4.

Eurogamer explains:

Native 1080p resolution is also present on the PS4, though the Xbox One game gets a 25 per cent cut in pixel density down to 1440x1080. However, the difference has less of an impact than the numbers suggest: the overall presentation appears a little softer on the Microsoft platform, with a touch more sub-pixel break-up and a slight reduction in resolved texture detail, but otherwise, image quality is broadly comparable to the PS4 game. Codemasters' use of post-processing effects and anti-aliasing results in a softened look to the game across all formats, and this works in favour of the Xbox One release by avoiding the sharp lines that highlight upscaled jaggies, which are mitigated to a certain extent anyway thanks to the single axis upscale.

Eurogamer continues:

As a title targeting 60fps, F1 2015 is on shaky ground. Performance is by no means close to being stable, but the PS4 version comes closest to hitting the target, delivering gameplay that feels a step up in terms of precision and responsiveness, especially when compared directly to the last-gen 30fps titles. The situation is more compromised on Xbox One, with judder more frequently interrupting the experience than we'd like.

Codemasters has released the launch trailer for F1 2015, the official videogame of the 2015 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, which released July 10th 2015.

“Our new Championship Season and Pro Season modes deliver a much more engaging and fluid FORMULA ONE™ championship experience than ever before”, commented Lee Mather, Principal Games Designer, Codemasters.

“The race weekend is more than just the in-car and on track experience. Observing your driver working with his team during practice and qualifying and listening to the new commentary that sets the scene for the race and season standings is now present for the gamer. Then seeing the busy grid before a race, with all the flavour and character of it, into the race itself, the new television style cameras and replays, and finally the iconic podium celebrations all add to that race experience. The immersion is further enhanced with the voice recognition technology available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, allowing players to engage with their race engineer through in-game voice commands.”

“For those gamers who want the ultimate challenge, then the new Pro Season mode, which ramps up all the settings to the most realistic possible, is really for them”, added Mather. “Full 100% race distances, full practice and qualifying sessions, the most competitive A.I. settings, no flashbacks with which to correct mistakes, all locked into cockpit view with minimal HUD assistance…Pro Season will truly separate the weekend drivers from the experts!”

We will bring you any new information on F1 2015 as soon as it becomes available.


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