F-Zero Speculation is Running Wild Following a Hint from a Prominent Nintendo Leaker


Nintendo has shown a greater willingness to dredge up neglected fan-favorite franchises in recent years, with new 2D Metroid, WarioWare, and Pokemon Snap games being published on Switch (just to name a few). That said, there are still some cult series that have yet to be revived, with perhaps the most notable holdout being F-Zero. It’s been 18 years since Nintendo put out a new F-Zero game, and over 20 since we got a major new console entry. Many have assumed the F-Zero series is dead, particularly after Mario Kart 8 kind of stole its thunder with its anti-grav gimmick, but apparently something may be in the works.

This rumor comes courtesy of SyluxHunter, a Nintendo insider who’s delivered accurate info, including the release date for Bayonetta 3, in the past. SyluxHunter was recently interviewed by the YouTube channel SwitchForce, during which he provided a cryptic binary code hint. Fans spent a day trying to decipher it, but eventually Twitter user Bozo the Chozo translated it to YGBP or “You’ve Got Boost Power,” a common phrase heard in the F-Zero games. SyluxHunter confirmed this is what there were hinting at.

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Hmmm! So what might be in the works? Our insider says we should temper our expectations a bit, so perhaps a full lavishly-produced sequel isn’t in the works. Maybe we’re getting some sort of retro-themed product for Nintendo Switch Online? A re-release of remaster of F-Zero GX? We shall see.

Of course, take this with a grain of salt until we get official confirmation. Interestingly, F-Zero recently came up when somebody bought $40,000 worth of Nintendo stock just so they could ask whether the company was planning to revive various classic franchises like F-Zero and Wario Land at the company’s annual general meeting. Nintendo president Shinya Takahashi gave a somewhat evasive answer, saying Nintendo can’t make sequels to all their franchises, but that they’re “always considering how to develop new titles and remakes that can be enjoyed by many players.”

What do you think? Could a new F-Zero actually be happening? What form would you like it to take?

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