Exclusive Deal: 50% OFF On EaseUS Partition Software – Make Disk Management Easy   

Abdullah Saad

EaseUS is a software company that has been developing professional-level software for Windows for over a decade. The set of software is not only user friendly, but they get the job done and are easy to understand for even a novice user. Today they are offering a 50% off on its EaseUS Partition Software. It usually costs $47.14, but with this offer, you can grab it for $23.56, which is steal. That said, the software is an excellent alternative to the Disk Management tool available in Windows, which is not that user friendly, and only designed for pro users. If you need to manage the disks often, this is a must-have software. Of note, the free version of EaseUS Partition Master can meet many partition related needs.

50% OFF on EaseUS Partition software: here's how to get the discount

The software not only allows you to create, delete, and merge drive partitions, it also offers features which can make the job easy for you. Features like Migrate OS, Clone, Partition Recovery, WinPE Creator are the much-needed tools required by anyone who manages Windows.  Here is what each of the tools offers:

Migrate OS: If you are adding a new disk to which you want to move the existing Windows installation, use this option. It saves time to reinstall Windows, Drivers, and software.

Clone: It is handy when you need to clone a drive or partition. Instead of copying them manually, it will copy sector by sector to create a replica.

Partition Recovery:  If you just lost a partition that has necessary data, you can recover using this.

WinPE Creator: It is essential always to have a bootable USB driver ready, so you can boot into Advanced Recovery when the computer doesn’t turn on. The WinPE offers tons of tools that can help you resolve PC issues.

That said, if these features are good enough to convince you, then follow the link to instantly buy the software with applied 50% off on the usual price. You will receive an email with the license code which you can use to activate the software. You can also go apply the coupon code “XBN-QX1-1EV” during the checkout.

Using EaseUS Partition Software to move Windows 10 to SSD

Now let’s take a look at one of the features that come in handy. Many users are still on HDD, but they are migrating to SSD. The solid-state drive is known to improve performance because of higher writing and reading speed. If your Windows used to take 2-3 minutes, it would be under 15 seconds tops when you switch to SSD.

However, the biggest problem to switch to SSD is the amount of time one must invest in reinstalling everything. Windows, Drivers, Software, you name it. The list is too long, and then there is a lot of data to be transferred as well. EaseUS Partition Software makes this job seamless.

Step 1: Once the drives are in place, launch the partition software. It will list down all the disks and corresponding partitions inside it. On the top, locate the Migrate OS tool. Click on it to launch it.

Step 2: It will display the list of DISK or physically connected drives.  You need to select a source and destination. While identifying the source is straightforward, be carefully selecting the destination as it will ultimately be wiped. Also, make sure that the destination disk or at least a partition on it is equal or more than the size of the source.

Step 3: Initiate the process by clicking on the Ok button.  Once it is complete, make sure to set it as active.

You can shut down the computer, switch SSD to Primary Drive, and boot the computer from there. You Windows will be ready as if nothing happened.

Suppose you need to create and manage portions. Right-click on any of them, and it will reveal all the options. Allocate space allows you to distribute space as required. Make sure to take a backup of data if you plan to merge or delete any of them.

Now that if you have seen the software, it is clear that it is simple to use, and doesn’t create any complication when managing the partitions. The options are upfront without going into tons of submenus, and the interface is easy to use, especially when you are distributing the space. The color combination used to display storage also makes it easy for users to understand.

All that said, if you are convinced enough and the software is appealing to you, follow the link to download and buy the software. The software upgrades are free for life, so all you need to do is invest once.

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