Microsoft Is Making It Easier for Mac Users to Switch to a Surface Device With Its Latest Tool

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Mar 20, 2017

Microsoft is getting adamant to help users switch from a Mac to the company’s Surface lineup of 2-in-1’s and desktop. First the firm introduced its trade-in program and now the company has brought in its Surface Migration tool that will help make a complicated and time-consuming task less stressful.

The Microsoft Surface Migration Tool Makes the Process of Switching From a Mac to a Surface Absolutely Seamless

There are several differences between Windows 10 and macOS and the fanboys can always get into an argument over which platform is better. The truth is that there is something that both operating systems offer that the opposing one is unable to deliver and Microsoft wants to target those users that finally want to make a switch from macOS to Windows 10. Granted, there are several ways to switch from macOS to Windows 10 and with several cloud applications and services readily available, the process should be a breeze right?

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In most cases, it is, while in other instances, not so much. This is exactly the reason why the company has introduced its Surface Migration Tool for macOS users. So how exactly does the Surface Migration Tool works? To get started, you will first have to download the tool from here. Since the file extension is .dmg, you will not be able to open it up on your Windows 10-powered Surface and can only open it using a Mac notebook or desktop equivalent, so make sure you have not rid yourself of the previous machine just yet.

After installing the program, the Surface Migration Tool will ask which items do you wish to transfer to your new Surface device. Tick the ones that you feel you want to transfer to your new machine, while you can discard that programs and files that you think you do not need. After this step, you can click on ‘Continue’ and the rest of the process is going to be a walk in the park.

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Microsoft has not stated if this Surface Migration Tool is going to be compatible with other machines running Windows 10, but from the looks it, the program might only be dedicated for the software giant’s Surface lineup of products.

Will the Surface Migration Tool be sufficient to help you switch from a Mac to one of Microsoft’s products? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.