Evolve Gets Observer Mode, Enters eSports

It looks as if Evolve is going to be adding a new gameplay mode, or rather a way for third parties to observe, record, livestream and comment on Evolve gameplay. A video on YouTube has popped up showing the new observer mode.

Evolve is taking a page out of Counter-Strike and several other online games’ books by adding a newly minted observer mode.

This move will enable a sixth player to join the match as an observer, allowed to watch the action from all angles and all players. There will also be a way to float seamlessly throughout the map to see and record the action from great angles.

Also, Turtle Rock Studios has seen fit to include a novel HUD that includes some gameplay elements and statistics such as survival odds, perks in use and such things that will be able to  help liven up the streams and videos that will inevitably be created.

This is a mechanism that many games employ to help increase interest by letting players analyze the action in real time so as to better their own gameplay. It's also used quite a bit by games that are part of eSports. This allows commentators the ability to cover the action in a way that mirrors that of real-world sports broadcasters.

This comes after an announcement by the ESL that Evolve is going to be getting it’s very own series of tournaments that start on the 8th of March.

“Evolve is a fantastic game and we’ve been eager to have it involved in as many esports opportunities as possible - from gamescom, to studio events and more. We’re all very excited to get started on the new Go4Evolve series and are looking forward to watching the Evolve esports scene develop.”

Given that the gameplay of Evolve is quite fast paced at times and that it definitely revolves around a host of competitive elements, it was only inevitable that the game was able to, well, evolve, into an esport game of its own. There is a lot of potential in the game, and smaller maps or more innovative gameplay elements can make it even that much more interesting. But is this game truly a good candidate for eSports? Will it be accepted? I think so, but then I don't necessarily follow the eSport world either. It will be interesting nonetheless.

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