EVGA Unveils its NEX PSU Lineup, Gives a Sneak-Peak at NEX 1500Watt Power Supply Unit


EVGA has showcased their upcoming 1500W Power Supply Unit which would be part of its NEX Lineup of PSU's at CES 2012. The EVGA's NEX Lineup would also include 650W, 750W and 1000W models.

According to EVGA, Their NEX Series Power supplies would feature an Innovative Cable Design along with the ability to customize the number of +12V Rails. The PSU could also be manually controlled through a software which would be bundled by EVGA. NEX Series PSU's also support a "Dummy Mode" which would allow easier use of Multi-PSU.

The NEX 1500W would feature a 4 Layer Base PCB (2oz Copper), 6 Layer Module PCB (2oz Copper), 80+ Gold Rated Efficiency, OC Mode Capability and a total of 124A+12V rail on normal and 133A+12V Rail on Overclock Mode.

Prices and Availability are yet to be detailed.