Etherium – Launch Trailer of the Explosive RTS

Archie Paras

Etherium is a real treat for real time strategy fans. Developed by Tindalos Interactive, it features a gorgeous futuristic setting and three distinct factions. There's also a dynamic weather system, which has an effect on battles and secondary factions.



Etherium, the explosive sci-fi RTS from Tindalos Interactive, gets a new trailer as we approach launch day, on March 25. Only two days left to benefit from the 10% discount offered to pre-orders and to immediately access the multiplayer beta! Watch the Vectides, Intar, and Consortium pit it out for the galaxy’s waning resources in this fast-paced real-time strategy title from the developers of Stellar Impact.

Launching among a thin crowd of RTS titles, Etherium offers unique gameplay mechanics such as a dynamic weather system affecting the gameplay, and a host of faction-specific abilities and units to take to war. Conquer various maps across different planets in multiplayer, or take to the galaxy in Conquest mode to secure the six gestation planets – home to the mysterious organic power source known as Etherium.


The three, non-linear solo campaigns in Etherium (one per faction) are dynamic, and you are free to plan your strategic conquests: with each turn you can develop your tech tree to access new structures and units, unlock new skills and decide which planet will provide the setting for your next RTS mission. It may be more advantageous to conquer certain territories, but these will also be better defended. You will also have to stop the enemy from recapturing the planets you have conquered! Your ultimate objective is simple: remove the two enemy factions from the deposit planets to gain total control of the etherium! Every match will be different, and the methods you use to achieve your ends will vary, guaranteeing great game longevity in the solo campaigns in Etherium.

The planets and moons have radically different environments and terrain that will force you to adapt your strategy and make tactically varied decisions: arid deserts, jungles and swamps that impede the progression of your tanks, a world of ice, an island archipelago... you will have to consider the terrain conditions very carefully before implementing your strategy! You will also encounter three secondary factions during the campaign: the Raiders, the Parasites and the Guardians. You could of course fight them, but you may want to rally them to your cause to exploit their units and special skills.

Your primary major concern in Etherium, before crushing your enemies of course, will be to secure a growing supply of etherium, the main resource for your colonies in the game. You must therefore annex the territories where it is found to establish etherium outposts and extraction plants... which you will of course have to defend against enemy assaults by deploying turrets and units placed in strategic defensive positions.

You can use the etherium you obtain to develop your bases and outposts to expand and open up fresh opportunities such as new deployment locations closer to the front, additional army slots and the chance to upgrade to a higher technological level to access new and more powerful units.

You can, of course also spend your etherium on recruiting different types of armed forces: specialized infantry, an array of armored vehicles “combat walkers” or gigantic colossi of war, the cost of which in etherium and the advanced technology required to build them is matched only by their devastating firepower and destructive potential.

There are therefore two ways of defeating your enemy in combat: the “hard” way, i.e. the total annihilation of the enemy colony, or the more subtle way, where you build and protect orbital cannons that will attack the enemy fleet in a geostationary orbit above the theater of war. You alone must select the tactics you want to employ

Etherium will release is on March 25th via Steam and will cost $29.99. We will bring you any new information on Etherium as soon as it becomes available. You can read more in our previous coverage.

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