Want to Stay Relevant? Make Smarter Business Decisions with this Essential Data Analysis Bundle


You work in finance, technology, sports or in a not-for-profit organization, no matter what the industry you are working in, data plays a major role helping businesses take informed decisions. Businesses today are predominantly driven by numbers, and the most successful people are the ones who know how to manage those numbers to drive business forward. With a ton of data being thrown all over the internet, it has become ever so crucial to have someone in the team who knows how to analyze this data and turn into helpful information. Today's featured deal brings you an opportunity to learn the basics of data analysis. Want to stay relevant? This is a skill you want to have in your arsenal.  Head over to Wccftech Deals and grab the deal for just $39.

Essential Data Analysis Bundle for just $39

1- Introduction to Data Science

Learn Data Crunching Essentials & Launch Up the Career Ladder

This course will teach you the key elements of data science that will allow you to solve real problems using data. With the analytical and statistical skills you learn here, you'll be able to make an immediate impact on your workplace.

2- Business Analysis 101

Discover Data Manipulation Techniques & Tricks to Make Sounder Business Decisions

This course will take you through a proven, structured process to improve your ability to collect, analyze, and forecast business and financial data. From the collection process to making sound, well-supported business decisions, you'll gain all the tools you need to become one of the most valuable members of your team.

3- Advanced Microsoft Excel Course

Master the Most Powerful Spreadsheet Software in Industry

Microsoft Excel is the leading spreadsheet software, allowing you to process and manage large amounts of business data, all from the same platform. Through this huge course, you'll go from the absolute basics to performing the most complex Excel functions fast. Start organizing data more effectively and new doors are sure to open not far behind.

Original value: $207 | Wccftech Deals: $39 at 81% discount