Save Over $2,950 on Big Data & Analytics Master Toolkit – Add 4 Essential Tools to Your Resume


Big data and data analysis are the buzzwords of the tech industry. More than software developers, more than coders, it is the specialists who can deal with big data and turn it into useful information for businesses, who are earning the most in the industry. Data analysis skills aren't only essential for those who have to deal with big chunks of data as part of their job. They are important for professionals in every capacity. Head over to Wccftech Deals and avail a massive 98% discount on the Big Data and Analytics Master Toolkit. Now offered for just $39 for a limited time only.

The Big Data & Analytics Master Toolkit

Most modern companies put a lot of stock into data when making crucial business decisions. As such, they require employees that understand how to work with mass amounts of data, and effectively analyze it to get a holistic view of the company. These skills aren't just reserved for analysts, they're valuable for professionals in any capacity. As such, this bundle presents some of the major data analytics tools in use today: SPSS, Minitab, SAS, and R Studio. With over 201 hours of content, you'll be more than proficient with these tools and have four new certifications to bolster your resume.

  • Section 1: SPSS
    • Access 6 lectures & 17 hours of content
    • Perform complex data manipulation & analysis with simple instructions
    • Explore a wide variety of regression modeling & correlation techniques
  • Section 2: Minitab
    • Access 3 lectures & 18 hours of content
    • Apply Minitab to predictive modeling
    • Learn regression modeling & correlation techniques in Minitab
  • Section 3: SAS
    • Access 5 lectures & 48 hours of content
    • Apply SAS to business analytics & quantitative finance
    • Dive into SAS programming
    • Use SAS Enterprise Miner for predictive modeling
  • Section 4: R Studio
    • Access 5 lectures & 118 hours of content
    • Learn R programming & R Studio to perform essential data science & business analytics tasks
    • Explore R Studio Anova techniques
    • Understand hypothesis testing with R

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