ESR Showcases Its New MagSafe-Compatible Accessories at CES 2023

Seth Johnson
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Globally popular tech accessory maker, ESR, is bringing its new HaloLock™ Wireless Chargers with CryoBoost™ to the CES in Las Vegas this week. The collection consists of three MagSafe-compatible chargers for iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch. CryoBoost™ is an innovative phone-cooling technology that enables users to charge their iPhones faster than the official Apple MagSafe charger!

MagSafe transformed how we charge our Apple products, but it's time to upgrade MagSafe! ESR has been pushing the industry towards more innovative accessories since 2009, having a user base of over 100 million people worldwide. The company is used by Microsoft as the official Surface brand partner and is licensed by Disney to create mobile accessories for the company.

"Every year, CES is one of the biggest and most anticipated events in the tech space. We are excited to start 2023 by showing off our newest and most innovative tech for the first time at this year’s exhibition," said ESR CEO, Tim Wu. "CryoBoost™ is our answer to wireless charging's biggest problem: heat. By creating a constant flow of cooling air over the user’s phone and utilizing first-of-their-kind heat dissipating components, our HaloLock™ charger will charge a phone while it's in use, faster than any other MagSafe charger. What’s more, ensuring the user’s phone stays cool during charging slows battery degradation and extends overall battery life."

From cases that do more than just protect your devices to wireless chargers that totally reimagine MagSafe, ESR is not your average accessory maker. ESR believes in making tech easier, and if you have ever used a product made by ESR, you'd know that the slogan isn't an exaggeration in shape or form.

When Apple introduced MagSafe magnetic charging with iPhone 12, it pushed many accessory makers to do the same. However, very few went beyond that. ESR introduced its own HaloLock system, which is an entire ecosystem of innovative magnetic accessories that take MagSafe beyond what Apple offers. ESR's HaloLock products offer power-in-a-snap convenience to the places you want it most.

But things get exciting when the company involves CryoBoost technology in this equation. CryoBoost™ Fast Charging resolves the most significant problem associated with fast charging tech, the overheating of products. Featuring a phone cooling fan and first-of-their-kind heat-dissipating components, CryoBoost keeps your phone cool and charging speed at its maximum even when you are using it.

Whether you are driving, FaceTiming, or watching videos, CryoBoost's phone cooling tech enables you to experience the fastest, unstoppable charging speeds with zero heating issues.

ESR offers a number of accessories with HaloLock and CryoBoost technologies, including a wireless car charger and a 3-in-1 charging station that helps you declutter your desk or night table while offering you fast, easy charging.

ESR's HaloLock 3-in-1 Wireless Charger with CryoBoost is one of our favorite products, and it made its way to our annual gift guide, as well. This 3-in-1 wireless charger, as the name suggests, helps you charge 3 devices simultaneously, including your phone, Apple Watch, and your AirPods. With Power in a Snap, you can quickly snap the product on, and it'll start charging.

You can also place the phone in portrait or landscape mode with the Adjustable View. ESR HaloLock 3-in-1 Wireless Charger is also sleep-friendly, offering a dark charging mode that turns off status lights for uninterrupted sleep.

ESR has been breaking norms and creating easy-to-use accessories that enhance user experience with their everyday tech for a long time. The company has received several design awards and continues to introduce us to innovative accessories each year. 300+ patents, reddot winner, IF Design winner, and a userbase in 180 countries speaks for the ingenuity and user-focused design that produces quality products and offers premium service.

You can now get up to 70% discount on ESR products, including chargers, cases, iPad keyboard cases, car phone mounts, and other accessories.

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