BLUETTI Debuts Its 9 KW Flagship EP900 Emergency Home Power Backup Solution At CES 2023

Usman Pirzada

BLUETTI had a stellar CES 2023 showing and launched their EP900 flagship inverter that is capable of 9000 watts all on its own. The upgraded EP900 and B500 combination can be scaled up to a monstrous 79KWH of power backup when paired with 16 batteries (or a single 9 KWH battery). A 9 KW solar input can be directly connected to the inverter - which also acts as a solar charger - to provide unlimited, clean, worry-free emergency power backup solution that can kick in within 10 ms of grid failure.

BLUETTI's new EP900 solution can scale up to 79kWh and can kick in within 10ms of grid failure and reduce your electricity bill

Want to know the best part? It also has advanced load management capabilities so if you are using the solar panels or have peak-pricing in your region, you can use the inverter to handle a significant chunk of your domestic power load while the rate is high or while the sun is shining. Earlier this month, BLUETTI managed to raise almost $11 million from its backers on Indiegogo from almost 4000 backers.

Unlike other residential power systems that lack inverters or MPPT, the EP900 is an all-in-one energy storage system that can be integrated directly into any solar system to allow 9kW max solar input, or into any household AC wiring. It has a built-in hybrid inverter, which means it can both provide mains power at 120/240V AC and be topped up with mains power when needed.

The company also showed off a lot of its existing products like the EB55 which is a small work-horse power backup station that you can carry along with you on camping and road trips. With a formidable capacity of almost half a kilo watt, this will keep all of your smartphones and gadgets powered up through the get-away.

Meanwhile, the AC500 is a 16-outlet solar generator that can output a 5KW pure sine wave power and can be charged at speeds up to 8kW using AC+ Solar. It is usually teamed up with B300S batteries for a total scalable limit of 18.4 kWh. BLUETTI regularly has flash sales where you can take advantage of discounts to get these power stations at the best possible price or by going to their indiegogo campaigns and becoming a backer. Since this is an established company with hundreds of thousands of products shipped, this is one of the lowest-risk campaigns out there.

In the era of rolling power blackouts and a worsening environment, energy independence is a fast growing industry and BLUETTI makes one of the highest quality products in this segment. Their all-in-one solutions like the EP900 democratize power independence and means your critical home appliances will work even in the worst case scenario and if you couple it with solar - they will literally pay for themselves over the years.

Bluetti's EP900 wins our 'Best of CES 2023' award for the best all-in-one domestic power backup solution.
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