Sennheiser’s Gaming Area Has Split Off, Now Called EPOS

Chris Wray

Sennheiser has long been a great brand to go for when it comes to top quality audio devices. No matter if you're going for simple listening to a high quality gaming headset, which last year we reviewed both the outstanding GSP 670 and also the long-lasting GSP 370, or even something like a top-quality microphone, you knew Sennheiser was a brand to trust. As of the end of last year the partnership that created Sennheiser Communications A/S was going to evolve into new setups. The first of these is EPOS.

Announced a few days ago, EPOS is now the name of the gaming audio side of what was Sennheiser and has launched its first campaign to introduce itself to the world. Absorbing in the expertise of Sennheiser, as well as selling the Sennheiser branded products under the new dual-named EPOS | Sennheiser, it's the future of the brand that holds particular interest to me. Particularly so if the focus is going to be on the gaming sector.

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The mission, as stated by the company, is as follows:

Founded on the belief in “The Power of Audio” to transport gamers to another dimension, EPOS understand that gaming – and superior gaming audio - provides an unparalleled balm to the brain. EPOS products deliver powerful, visceral experiences for unsurpassed amounts of in-game immersion and flow. Transporting gamers to a different reality, EPOS audio enhances every vital sound cue, delivering total clarity of communication for a spellbinding experience. Each product is created to take technology, design and performance to unprecedented levels.

The company certainly isn't going slow, with the first EPOS only branded product being scheduled to launch in October of this year. The inclusion of the Sennheiser expertise and range is always a bonus and this alone puts this brand on the map as one to keep an eye on, but with their first product launching later in the year, that will be the time to see how the build quality, audio fidelity and more stand up to the products they have inherited.

Jeppe Dalberg-Larsen, President of EPOS had this to say:

With our ambition to make EPOS the industry leader within premium audio solutions in gaming, we aim to win the minds of all gamers who want to push their own limits – unleashing their potential – through the Power of Audio. We have seen a great opportunity to nurture this segment by establishing a dedicated global team of industry experts and will continue to innovate solutions for an immersive audio experience. With audio becoming a key agenda in the industry, we look forward to follow the global gaming landscape evolve even further the coming years.

Further to this, Maja Sand-Grimnitz, the Head of Global Marketing, Gaming, had this to say

At EPOS, we want to give the market a new perspective on how audio can enhance the gaming experience. As a new brand with a solid audio heritage and future, the campaign and promise ‘Out of this world gaming audio’ will resonate with gamers, who are truly looking for the best way to maximise their gaming experience. Premium audio can enhance that feeling and this message is at the heart of the campaign. We want to make EPOS the golden ticket to the best gaming experience and a happier you.

I, for one, will be keeping an eye out on the brand and I will hopefully be able to try out the first of their range. As for the first campaign, you can view its first video below

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