Epic Games Store Is Now Working On Linux Thanks To Lutris


The Epic Games Store is not officially supported by Linux, but from today, those who don't have Windows installed on their machines will be able to enjoy most of the games available on it.

The Epic Games Store is now working properly on Linux thanks to Lutris Gaming. The store is fully functional, and most of the available games work without any major issues.

Steam Deck creators fund further testing on open-source Radeon Linux GPU driver

One of the biggest games available on the store, however, is not working properly. Fortnite cannot be played on Linux currently due to the game's anti-cheat systems.

The Epic Games Store has been launched earlier this year, and it managed to get some exclusive games since. One of the biggest releases of the year, Borderlands 3, is also releasing on the store first.

While the Epic Games Store still lacks some of the features available on Steam, more of them will be coming during this year and beyond.


  • Search by genre and tag
  • Improvements to Offline Mode
  • Install management “under the hood” overhaul
  • Store video hosting
  • Store page redesign
  • Improved DLC support


  • Cloud saves
  • Add-on purchase checks
  • Improved patch sizes

Within 4 to 6 months

  • User reviews
  • Wishlists
  • Newsfeed and follow improvements
  • Price adjusting bundles
  • Additional payment methods
  • Additional currencies
  • Player play time tracking
  • Mod support for games
  • Epic games overlay
  • Library improvements

Long term (over six months)

  • Achievements
  • Shopping cart
  • Direct carrier billing
  • Social overhaul

Release date TBD

  • Automated refunds
  • Arabic store translation
  • Korean game releases
  • Gifting
  • Android store