Entry-Level DDR5 Memory Prices Expected To Drop Rapidly This Year, Benefits Intel & AMD

Entry-Level DDR5 Memory Prices Expected To Drop Rapidly This Year, Benefits Intel & AMD 1

A recent report from DigiTimes Asia shows that DDR5 memory prices are anticipated to fall in price during the latter half of 2022 & through 2023 which should definitely help AMD & Intel PC builders. In July, contract pricing declined twenty percent while chip vendors unloaded lower-level DDR5 modules. The consumer-level DDR5 prices, especially at channel distributors, plummeted far below the manufacturer's estimated retail pricing.

DDR5 Prices for entry-level systems are estimated to continue to fall dramatically towards the end of the year, benefiting companies like Intel and AMD

In the report, next year's pricing should be comfortable, allowing immediate adoption of the DDR5 memory modules. It is anticipated that DDR5 memory will be close, if not near the pricing of the preceding DDR4 memory modules, allowing more users to switch to the newer technology.

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AMD Ryzen 7000 series will bring DDR5 into the spotlight with their systems only compatible with the newer memory modules. This focus on the newer generation will allow DDR5 to be at the forefront in most systems over the next few years. The company is working with several DDR5 memory makers to offer "EXPO" kits that will offer the best experience on the upcoming AM5 platform.

The price reduction will not only keep AMD competitive in the marketplace but will also benefit Intel. Intel will see an estimated growth in sales of the DDR4-centric Alder Lake and Raptor Lake generations, as well as compatibility with the DDR5 support on the current and next-gen Core processors.

Intel has fallen behind on full adoption due to the pricing of DDR5 modules before this half of the year. For Intel, the memory standard is will allow for significant bandwidth upgrades thanks to natively supported speeds of up to 5600 Mbps compared to AMD's native 5200 Mbps transfer speeds..

Compared to prices in 2021, DDR5-4800 in 32 GB dual channel kits cost around $149.99 currently, offering higher frequency kits that equal the pricing of DDR4 that we witnessed a few years back. The price for a 6000 Mbps kit with CL36 timings and 32 MB dual channels was $239.99.

Readers should note that these memory modules, at the beginning of 2022, were double the current cost if not higher, with premium DDR5 modules selling as high as $900. If 2021 was any example of aggressive pricing on memory modules, it should be anticipated to do the same throughout next year.

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